Learning Rocks: Math Skills DVD

Hop 2 It Music

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Make Pre-K, kindergarten and 1st grade math tons of fun with Jack’s best collection of basic math songs and videos. These math music videos engage children with the best upbeat kid-friendly songs, essential educational content and clear easy – to – follow visuals.  In addition, many of these math songs are designed to get children moving and exercising as they learn.

Children get to wag their tails, exercise as they make their numbers in the air, chomp like a gator and make patterns, rock out like a rock star and lots more fun movements.

The math skills included on this DVD are: skip counting by 2’s and 5’s, counting to 100 by 1’s, basic addition, shapes, days of the week, left and right, forming numbers, sequencing and spelling numbers.

This DVD includes Jack’s super popular songs Alligator Chomp, Penguin Dance, Silly Rock Star Song and 5 Little Fish.

The skills included align with many state, national and Common Core standards.


Jack Hartmann's new DVD, Learning Rocks: Math Skills is a DVD that will have everyone learning, exercising and having fun.

This DVD covers a diverse arrangement of music and skills. Children will dance and act like their favorite animals.

Song                                                                                 Skills 

1.  Country Line Count                                                Counting by 1's to 100

2.  Count by 2's Animal Groove                                   Skip Counting by 2's

3.  5 Little Fish                                                              Basic Addition

4  Rock n' Roll Days of the Week                                 Days of the Week

5.  Shape Up                                                                 Shapes

6.  Numbercise                                                              Number Formation

7.  Alligator Chomp with Intro                                         Patterning

8.  Alligator Chomp without Intro                                    Right and Left

9.  Penguin Dance Chant                                               Fitness and Exercise

10. Silly Rock Star Song                                                Patterning

11. How to Spell Our Numbers                                      Sequencing and Memory

                                                                                     Basic Addition