Bop, Pop & Hip-Hop for Early Learning CD

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Jack created this collection of pre-school and kindergarten songs to offer a wide variety of skills and music activities.  It includes educational material on reading readiness, rhyming, dance and movement, exercise, kindness, bullying, letter sounds and lots more. 

The music Jack created is super fun and upbeat with a wonderful diversity of musical styles.  This album can be used daily in the preschool or kindergarten classroom as well as in the home and even fantastic while traveling in the car.


Songs Skills On Album

 1. Mother Goose is on the Move is a new original dance, nursery rhyme song that engages children to move and dance like some of the different nursery rhyme characters.  Lots of rhyming, moving and nursery rhyme fun.  Great for a brain break and getting the wiggles out.

  • Kindness
 2. A B C Cha Cha

This is the traditional ABC song but this version has a Latin beat and engages children in doing some fun cha, cha dancing.  Jack sings the ABC’s very clearly and slowly and separates the L, M, N, O, P so children hear all the letters.  Use for movement, dancing and alphabet awareness skills.

  • Alphabet Awareness
 3. We're All Different and We're the Same

This happy song gets children moving together and helps them develop an awareness and appreciation of diversity.  A wonderful song to help appreciate our differences and show how we are the same.  Children get to clap, twist and enjoy moving together.

  • Letter Sounds
 4. Movin is Cool

is a perfect brain breaks song that gets children moving all different parts of their body in a growing pattern, like Tooty Ta.

  • Circle Time Fun
 5. Letter Sounds A to Z   Teaches children the correct way to say their letter sounds.  This song makes it so  fun to learn  the letter sounds
  • Listening
 6. Vowel Sound Samba

Teaches young children the short and long vowel sounds in a simple, easy to learn way.

  • Exercising
 7. Funky Freeze Take a brain break with this song!  Dance and freeze so children can get back to curriculum learning in reading and math
  • Bullying Prevention
 8. Pump it up Pokey

is a new physical education twist on this old favorite.  Children follow the moves in this song and get some great exercise.  The great beat and all the movement makes this a brain break song to use regularly.

  • Nursery Rhyme Fun
 9. If You're Happy and You Know It

is another new original twist on a children’s favorite.  Jack does all the popular moves the children know, but then adds a repetition part to help with memory.  Lift your children’s spirits with this Caribbean version of If You’re Happy and You Know It, one of the most popular preschool and kindergarten songs.

  • Multicultural Awareness 
10. It's Circle Time is a preschool and kindergarten song that can help your class get ready for circle time.  Jack’s song gives specific directions on some important things to do to get prepared for circle time.  Children get an opportunity to call out and answer – 4 times – It’s Circle Time!
  • Dancing
11. Give a Little Good Touch gives children an opportunity to practice good touching.  (i.e.: a hug, handshake, high five and pat).
  • Vowel Sounds
12. Work and Play Together Today

 is a great start the day song that’s easy to do.  It’s a repeat – after – me song and gets children to repeat all the body movement parts.  It also helps children listen, follow directions and echo the response.  The title is repeated a number of times to give children that important social skills message “work and play together”.

  • Focusing Attention
13. Teddy Bear, Teady Bear Hip-Hop 

Jack put a new twist on this favorite, too.  This one is one of the top preschool songs of all time and children will love moving to the cool new moves.  This one is a wonderful brain breaks song for little ones.

  • Gross Motor Movement
14. Kindness Walk 

can be nicely used as a transition activity or as a social skills development brain break, too.  Children get to stand up and move around and shake hands high five, hug each as directed by the song.  It’s a beautiful little song that can help your class to get along.

  • Fitness
15. Fergie the Frog

can be used as a circle time song or nicely as a transition song activity.  A wonderful preschool song where the children answer – Fergie the Frog after each – Who is it?  The song directs children that Fergie’s calming down and they can, too.

  • Cooperation
16. Stop Bullying Now

supports and encourages children to Stop Bullying Now.  It’s like a children’s anthem song to stop bullying.  It’s so simple to sing and so are the movements.  You make this an anti-bullying song in your class or at home, or in a program (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts) Children are given the opportunity to move as they sing along.

  • Directionality
17. Be a Friend, Don't Be a Bully

Jack wrote this song to help children be positive and be a friend instead of use any bullying behavior.  Children get to hear about the ways to be a friend, to share, to care and to hug.  It’s a wonderful social skills song that helps children understand about being a friend instead of a bully.

  • Diversity
18. Cowabunga

is a perfect brain breaks song that engages children in a lot of fun movements and then they all can raise their arms and shake and say COWABUNGA out loud.  Or, everyone can spread feet wide, knees bent down, arms spread out wide like a surfer and say out loud, COWABUNGA!  Great for a preschool song or kindergarten transition or brain break.

  •  Self - Esteem