Movin' 2 Math CD

Hop 2 It Music

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Ages 4 to 10

Math Skills 

Educational Focus:
Let's Get Fit - Counting to 100 by 1's, 2's and 5's, Developing basic number skills from 1 to 100, Gaining awareness of shapes and spatial concepts, Increasing awareness of left and right, Identifying numbers greater than and less than, Enhancing calendar skills - days and week, Leading children to clap and count syllables, Strengthening prediction and probability skills, Learning parts of the body, Identifying time, Practicing basic addition and subtraction, Spelling common math words, Highlighting celebrations for Halloween & Mother's Day

1. Movin’ 2 Math 13. Roller Coaster Ride
2. Make Any Shape and Freeze 14. Hip-Hop Around the Clock
3. Let’s Get Fit (counting to 100 by 1’s) 15. Math Word Cheer
4. Chicken Count 16. My Whole Body Can Move
5. Right Here 17. The Add & Subtract Body Part Dance
6. Dancin’ 2’s 18. This Mother’s Day
7. Exercise and Count by 5’s 19. Make Any Shape and Freeze*
8. Daddy’s Special Stew 20. Let’s Get Fit*
9. Kangaroo Learns Left and Right 21. Mr. Alligator Can Chomp*
10. Could It Happen or Not? 22. Hip-Hop Around the Clock*
11. Days of the Week Rap Back 23. This Mother’s Day*
12. Mr. Alligator Can Chomp *means open-ended and music only