Brain Breaks CD

Hop 2 It Music


Boom Chicka Boom A new twist on this favorite children’s classic.  Your children will be engaged in listening, repeating, moving, creative drama, getting the wiggles out and really experiencing a great brain break.  This version is all new with characters and movements your children will love.  Children listen to what I sing and they repeat it and do the fun, silly and creative moves.  A real educational plus in this song is it helps develop language skills and phonological awareness.  All of the last words and sounds in the (Boom Chicka Boom) part end with the (oo) sound except for “yo” which we did just because children love doing the “yo”.  This will be one of your favorite brain breaks for your children every day. 

Humpty Dumpty Rap Jack put another great new twist on this nursery rhyme favorite.  Gross motor movement, easy to follow words and cool music will make this version of Humpty their favorite!  Nursery rhymes build phonological awareness (listening to our language) because of all the simple rhyming words children hear and sing. 

Bo Diddley Bop Jack thinks brain breaks should be fun! This lively oldies style repeat after me song offers your children fun gross motor movements, interesting characters, repetition, a growing pattern and an opportunity to be a little silly.  Children repeat after me, dance to fun movements (watch Jack’s choreography on YouTube) and develop phonological awareness.   Language development is also strengthened as all the ending words in the action part of the song have the same short vowel (ã) ending sound. 

Count to 100 Workout Song A count to 100 song that not only allows children to practice counting to 100, but also gets them exercising, too. Your children will love the contemporary music and simple, fun exercise movements they do as they count to 100.  Count to 100 and get some good exercise every day. 

I Can Move My Body Like Anything One of Jack’s favorite brain breaks on the album.  This song has it all – a great beat, listening, creative fun characters, gross motor movements and just the right amount of silliness.  Children repeat after me, do the fun movements and re-focus with this brain breaks song. 

Letter Sound Power helps teach children their letter sounds clearly, accurately and as they get healthy exercise, too.  Brain breaks are more than just fun, they are educational too. With this song children exercise as they practice their letter sounds.  The song can easily be done in the classroom or in physical education classes. 

Workout Leader Your child is the exercise and fitness leader.  This brain breaks song gives an opportunity to four (4) children to take turns and be the Workout Leader.  One child at a time gets to be the Workout Leader and all the other children follow exactly the exercise the Workout Leader does.  It’s great for self-esteem and building leadership skills, too.  Physical education teachers will love this one. 

5 Little Monkeys A new Cajun musical twist on this popular favorite children’s basic subtraction song.  This can be a great circle time song that children can do sitting down and use their hands and arms to move like jumping monkeys.  This brain breaks song can also be done with children standing and doing move gross motor jumping movements. 

We’re Cool Counters A cool Skip counting by 2’s song children have fun doing cool dances. You can follow my dance moves on YouTube or make up your own movements by acting like a – surfer, a sprinkler, etc…  Classroom teachers and Physical education teachers can get children practicing their skip counting and engaging them in physical activity. 

Milton the Mouse Shake About Children all around the world love Milton the Mouse from his Christmas Song on Rhythms and Rhymes for Special Times.  Here Milton is doing a fun new physical action dance that can be a super brain breaks activity.  It’s also a growing pattern with fun and engaging gross motor movements with some Milton the Mouse silliness, too.  It’s a great repeat after me song. 

Salsa Dance Jack loves Latin music and Latin beats and wants to share this great style of music with all children.  Dancing is great exercise, too. Salsa dancing always has a 1, 2, 3 step and groove to it, so your children can practice the 1, 2, 3 count out loud as they dance.  Children follow the moves in the song and count.  It includes practicing moving left and right, front and back and turning around.  This is a great dance brain break with a Latin groove. 

Rock and Repeat After Me A rock style brain breaks song that engages children with repeat after me words and physical actions.  Children practice listening skills and following directions as they do simple movements that engage the whole body.

Show Me How You Move Your Body Sure to be one of your “go to” brain breaks songs as this song engages a child’s whole body with the creative movements.  Children will move, dance, act and sing along with me to this groovin’ Hip-Hop style song.  This is another one of my favorite songs on the Brain Breaks album.

Move It With Me Your children get to move and act like dancing stars, astronauts, pirates, monsters and lots more.  This is a fun brain breaks song that children can follow easily and in a 2 to 3 minute time frame.

Dance With a Friend and Freeze – Children love dancing and freezing, but this brain breaks song adds another fun part – dancing and freezing and connecting with your friends.  (touching elbows, knees, hips, backs when they freeze)  This song is a blast and engages them with positive touching.

Work Hard Like Adam the Ant This brain breaks song engages children in fun ant – like moves and gives them non-fictional real life information about ants.  The music is so cool they’ll want to sing about Adam the Ant over and over.  Learn more about ants for science, too.

Like the Animals Do The song teaches children about the real – life movements and sounds these animals make.  Lots of repetition and fun animal moves make this a quick and easy brain break activity to do to give your children a little energy boost.


Boom Chicka Boom 2 Another version of this children’s favorite with different characters and fun movements.  Children will hear the same (oo) ending sound (moo, peeoo, choo, awoo, zoon) strengthening their listening skills and phonological awareness.  Have a great time, be creative and a little silly moving to this brain break!