Getting Better at Getting Along CD

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Ages 3 to 10

This collection of children’s songs is focused on teaching and practicing behavior management and classroom management skills in the elementary classroom.  The topics included on this album are peacemaking, respect, diversity problem-solving, positive touching, anger management, love, friendship, cooperation, self-esteem and more. 

The songs offer children specific behavior management skills and strategies that they can easily understand and practice in the classroom and at home.

Teachers will be able to use these songs on a daily basis to improve classroom management and develop improved behavior, more peace and cooperation.  Also included are songs that help children make positive choices, empathize with others, appreciate feelings and differences in others and having a positive attitude.  If you’re looking for a strong collection of songs on social skills and positive problem – solving, this is one of the best.

Jack worked as a mental health counselor and social worker for children and families for 20 years, so he drew upon his Masters degree in child Psychology and years of real work experience to create this album.

Hello is a wonderful social skills development song that gets children interacting with one another with positive touching, good eye contact, smiling at each other and more to all help start the day in a wonderful way.  It’s so easy to do and when I do this song with children they just love it!

This is the Way engages children to participate in shaking hands, hugging, touching a friend in a positive way, holding hands and more good touching.  It’s a social skills version of the favorite children’s classic.

Sticky Glue Wow, children just love this ooey – gooey social skills song.  They love making “yucky” gestures as they sing this song.  Most importantly, it engages them to interact with good touching.  They can do the song with one partner or more, and it really promotes having fun together.  A great song to use for classroom management because it creates a positive classroom environment.

The Lion and the Mouse is a musical adaption of the classic Aesops Fable that teaches the moral – don’t judge by appearance only, but always look at someone’s character and the good things they do.  This is very child friendly because it engages children in fun movements and repeat-after-me words so children can easily participate.  Your children can tip-toe, roar, shake and sing to this wonderful musical version of this fable.

Kids Peace Song teaches children about appreciating diversity.  It’s a sing-along song with a simple message about appreciating diversity.  Children will understand that each person has different eyes and color of hair and skin, but people are the same inside because we all need love, we all laugh and cry and dream.  It’s a beautiful contemporary folk song that your children will love to sing regularly to strengthen their awareness and appreciation of the differences in all people.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear is a fun, upbeat version of this children’s classic with gross motor movements to engage children in physical activity.  Children get to shake hips, turn around, jump, hug and more!  Children can repeat after me at the Oh, la, la, la parts – raise their hands and arms up high and sway back and forth.  Some classes have told me they allow children to bring a teddy bear to school or other stuffed animals to hug and move with to this song.

Show Me How You Feel this song is focused on developing social skills through helping children become more aware of their feelings and the feelings of others.  As I say the different feelings, children or teaches can express and show the feeling through facial expressions and body language…or show photos of those feelings.

Whole Lotta’ Love is a great brain break song to shake, smile, dance and be a little silly together.  This is a wonderful song for stimulating a relaxed, fun classroom atmosphere.  Follow all my movements and be creative.

These Are My Hands combines counting to 10 and positive ways to use your hands.  Children can move their hands to all the action words – clapping, touching, holding hands.  It teaches children pre-social skills about how to use their hands in positive ways.

Hands to Yourself is a positive social skills focused on developing an awareness about sometimes keeping your hands to yourself and how to do it.  Children follow me when I say the parts of the body and they touch that part of the body.  On show me how to keep your hands to yourself. Children can put hands on their lap or cross arms on chest.

Biting Hurts is a humorous, yet positive, way to help children learn that biting is for chewing and eating food and not to bite someone and hurt them.  Children can act-out biting an apple, an ice pop, steak…  Many preschool teachers love this simple song about not biting someone – it hurts.  It’s an important pro social skill about getting along with others.

If Friends Were Flowers is a beautiful song about friendship that engages children in all different movements.  They waddle, skip, flutter and more to be a friend.  Children follow all movements and develop awareness of being a friend.

3 Kind Mice is a new pro social version of 3 Blind Mice.  The song sings about sharing, letting others join in, empathy, manners and feelings.

Freddy the Friendly Duck Wiggle – waddle like a duck and sing with Freddie.  This is a wonderful sing-along brain break or to just listen to while doing some learning activity.

All the World Over self-esteem is the focus of this beautiful song.  It’s a song about the uniqueness of each person.  It engages children in movements and appreciating each other.

Potty Dance is a humorous approach to helping children understand that it’s OK to tell someone they really have to go to the bathroom.  Children do the silly moves I sing, move and dance.  Teachers and parents can talk to children about how it’s OK   to ask to go to the bathroom if they really have to go.  It’s a fun, silly dance, but teaches children pro social skills about going to the bathroom.

The More We Move Together is a new version of The More We Get Together, but with a social skills twist to it.  Children can move, shake, sway, and wiggle as they have fun together and strengthen their social skills.

The Bells of Peace it’s a song about living in peace.  Children hear my bells ringing and they listen and act like they are ringing bells just like me.  It’s a beautiful song, and after singing you can discuss specific behaviors they can do to bring more peace to the class and world.

Hitting Hurts is a social skills and behavior management song to develop awareness about how hitting hurts others.  It also sings about positive behaviors to do like hugging and using your worlds.

Respect children sing, spell and learn about what respect is and how to show respect to others.  It’s about respecting yourself and others.  Spell it out loud!

Work It Out With Words is a classroom management and behavior management song about using your words to express your feelings and solve problems.

If You’re Angry and You Know It a prosocial skill version of an old favorite – If You’re Happy and You Know It.  The music is very cool, even for upper elementary.  Children can think and discuss many positive behaviors to do when they get angry – talk, walk away, deep breathing, coloring, exercising, reading and more.  Read the book – Raising Cain, by Michael Thompson to learn more about helping boys deal with feelings.

Together is just an uplifting positive, wonderful sing along that will help develop a more positive atmosphere in the classroom.  This is another great song to use for classroom management.

Say It the Same Assertiveness Song is an echo song that teaches children prosocial skills about to be assertive and prevent abuse and fighting.

I’m Thankful teaches children to be appreciative of the many wonderful things and gifts all around them.  It develops an awareness of having a thankful heart and being and showing you are thankful for all these gifts.

So Much Love it’s a simple song to learn about having love and friendship are the most valuable treasure of all and not always material things.  It’s a big thing to understand, but this song makes it simple.  A behavior management and prosocial skill that will last a lifetime.

Positive Power this is one of my favorite songs on the album for upper elementary.  It’s social skills song focused on perseverance.  Children can move to all the action metaphors I sing about – river is wide - road is long – mountain is high.  All stand for challenges in life.  Then, they can rap with me the positive message.

We Can Make a Better World it’s all about doing little things that mean a lot,  (a little hug, a little smile, a little laughter)  A great song to sing at school or at an assembly or music program.  One of my best original songs.  Prosocial and positive all the way!

I Love You Mommy I wrote this song for mommies, not for children this time.  I hope it helps some mommy lift their spirit when feeling tired and down.  A child’s smile, hug and love just lifts your heart.


Chasing My Dream I wrote this song after seeing the documentary, Chasing the Dream – the Hank Aaron story.  It’s about the social skill of perseverance (not giving up when things get tough) Kids can do the movements and act-out parts as they sing.  They can discuss their dreams and how to reach them.  Great song for upper elementary

Skills: Social skills

Educational Focus:
Social skills, Feelings, Managing anger constructively, Non-violence, Alternatives to biting and hitting, Building relationships, Peacemaking, Positive problem-solving, Friendship & cooperation

Teachers and children love Jack's original song "Sticky Glue" and his upbeat, new version of "Teddy Bear", "Teddy Bear".

1. Hello 16. The Potty Dance
2. This Is the Way 17. The More We Move Together
3. Sticky Glue 18. Bells of Peace
4. The Lion and The Mouse 19. Hitting Hurts
5. Kid’s Peace Song 20. RESPECT
6. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 21. Work It Out With Words
7. Show Me How You Feel! 22. If You’re Angry and You Know It
8. Whole Lotta Love 23. Together
9. These Are My Hands 24. Say It The Same Assertiveness Game
10. Hands to Yourself 25. I’m Thankful
11. Biting Hurts 26. So Much Love
12. If Friends Were Flowers 27. Positive Power
13. 3 Kind Mice 28. We Can Make a Better World
14. Freddy the Friendly Duck 29. I Love You Mommy
15. All the World Over 30. Chasing My Dream