Hip-Hop AlphaBop Vol 1 Double CD

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Ages 5 to 10

This is one of Jack’s all-time best-selling albums that is full of language arts, phonemic awareness and phonics songs.  It includes rhyming, letter sounds, vowel sounds, sight words, compound words, blends, alphabet recognition, listening skills and more.

Hip-Hop Alpha Bop is the perfect reading motivational song to encourage children to learn to read.  It also tells them the importance of listening to the sounds in words and the sounds all around us.

Freeze It is a cool freeze dance song that children just love.  It has a great beat, children get to move and freeze, and it’s filled with rhyming.  A great brain breaks song to get the wiggles out and hear lots of rhyming, too.

Hip-Hop to the Alphabet is fun Hip-Hop ABC song that engages children with music they can dance to as they sing the alphabet.  We clearly separate the LMNOP so children can easily understand those letters.

Cool Head and Shoulders and Toes is a great upbeat version of this children’s classic.  Children develop their awareness of parts of the body and following directions.  A wonderful brain breaks song that the children all know but this version is really cool – kids love it!

Hip – Hop Humpty is the traditional nursery rhyme, but with a really fun, kid-friendly Hip – Hop beat children can move and dance to.  It includes lots of fun easy – to – do movements to engage children with dancing.  Check out the really fun version of this nursery rhyme song on YouTube.

Mrs. Clangbangbingbongbo is a fun language play song that gets children smiling and singing along.  It develops listening skills and phonological awareness as children have to really listen how to say Mrs. C’s funny and long last name.

I’m Learning to Read simply a fun song for children to motivate them to learn to read. 

Proud to Be an American is a patriotic repeat – after – me movement song that is loved by children all over the world.  It includes lots of movement, lots of rhyming and is a patriotic song that’s at an appropriate level for young children.  We have been honored to have this song performed at major military special events.

Letter Sound Yo-Yo is a kid – friendly Hip – Hop learning letter sound song that pronounces all the letter sounds clearly and accurately.

These Are the Vowels teaches children the long and short vowel sounds.  The music is cool and the presentation of the vowel sounds is clear and accurate.

Clapping Machine develops good listening skills and an awareness of auditory patterning.  I love this song because it lets children hear all different styles of music in one song and involves them in active clapping to different patterns.  A great brain breaks song and one that one that gets children to focus.

Clapping Machine 2 new styles of music from vol. 1, but children again develop listening skills and awareness of patterns.  A great brain breaks song to get lots of movement going, and then children can re-focus for improved learning.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Rap is the traditional Goldilocks and the 3 Bears story, but performed as a cool rap.  Use the song to develop comprehension and recalling story elements.  Children can listen and sing together and then discuss the details of the story and characters.  Also, connect and strengthen learning by reading books about Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

Is It a Word or Not children are engaged in moving and dancing as I say words then delete the beginning sound.  They dance and move one way if it’s a word and move another way it it’s not a word.  This song develops their listening skills and phonological awareness.

Old McDonald Had a Farm (English and Spanish) – We introduce children to the animals on a farm in both English and Spanish.  We say the Spanish words for the farm animals accurately and authentically.  It’s fun to learn new words in another language.

The All Wrong Old McDonald Song this song makes developing listening skills fun and a little silly as I say the wrong animal sound and even the wrong animal to live on a farm.  The children develop their listening skills with this really fun version of Old McDonald.

Hello All Around the World this song introduces children to new words in a variety of different languages.  We say “hello” in different languages and appreciate the diversity of people all over the world.

I See Colors teaches children basic colors in English and Spanish.  I See Colors gives simple practical examples of rea-life things in the environment, then tells it’s color in English and Spanish.

Popcorn Words this song helps children learn and practice many of the most common high frequency sight words.  I say and spell the words and the song gives children a chance to echo the sight words after me.  The video also clearly shows the sight words so children can easily see the letters and the words.

It’s a Big World develops listening skills for sounds in the environment.  The song tells children about a specific setting and a set of sounds that relate to that environment.  Children get a chance to repeat the sounds exactly as I say them.  A great song for developing those basic phonological awareness skills.

Have you Heard About Compound Words helps children practice and learn compound words.  Use this song to strengthen your language development curriculum.  The song presents one word and then another word and then puts the two words together to form the compound word.

Two Letters That Work Together teaches children about blends – how each letter sounds when isolated and then how they sound blended together.  Then the blend is used for the beginning sounds of a word.  The isolated letter sounds and the blends are very clear and accurately pronounced to help children understand the blending of sounds.  A great song to develop their phonological awareness skills.

Letter Sound Listening Game teaches children to clearly hear beginning sounds in words.  It helps develop their phonological awareness by isolating the beginning sound of words.  The children are given an opportunity to identify what letter sound begins the selected word.

Make New Sounds teaches children about digraphs and how each letter sounds and then how different they sound when combined together.  This song can really help children understand this phonological concept.

The Reasons I Teach This song I wrote for teachers, parents and all who help children learn.  Hope you enjoy and feel appreciated and supported.

You Let Him Sing I wrote about teaches who give their heart and soul and energy and time to turn the life of a child around and make him sing.  A teacher appreciation and dedication song.

CD – 2  Includes many of the same songs as on CD 1, but songs have (blanks) in (answer) parts of the songs so teachers and children can fill – in their own words.  It’s a wonderful way to extend the learning from Volume 1.

Early childhood skills

New Hip-Hop Language and Reading Development Album

Let today's catchy hip-hop rhythms and beats help children learn the most essential research based reading skills. Jack's cool collection of music and movement skill building activities will focus on:

Language play and listening skills, Awareness of patterns in language and sound, Beginning, middle and ending words, Compound words, Digraphs, Blends, Word Recognition, Letter and vowel sounds to a hip-hop beat and Language Development for the ESOL classroom.

Jacks new album Hip-Hop AlphaBop is full of fun packed development and phonological skills activities to enhance the reading curriculum of the pre-k to 2nd grade classroom.

1. Hip-Hop Alpha Bop 2. Freeze It
3. Hip-Hop to the Alphabet 4. The Cool Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes
5. Hip-Hop Humpty (movement) 6. Mrs. Clangbangbingbong
7. I'm Learning to Read 8. Pround to Be An American
9. Letters Sounds Yo Yo 10. These are the Vowels
11.Clapping Machine 1 12. Clapping Machine 2
13. Goldiloackcs and the 3 Bears (Rap) 14. Is It a Word or Not
15. Old MacDonald Had a Farm (English and Spanish 16. The All Wrong Old MacDonald Song
17. Hello All Around the World 18. I See Colors
19. Popcorn Words 20. It's A Big World
21. Have You Heard About Compound Words 22. Two Letters That Work Together
23. The Letter Sound Listening Game 24. Make New Sounds
25. The Reasons I Teach 26. You Let Him Sing