Learning to Love CD

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Ages 4 to 10

This is a collection of Jack’s music that promoting social and emotional development.  Each of these upbeat interactive kindergarten songs addresses character education and Cooperative Learning.

Brand New Day is fun call and response song with lots of movement.  This song is a terrific way to start, recognize and move body parts to get ready for the day.

We Are a Family is a cooperative learning song that recognizes that classrooms work as a family. Jack teaches basic sign language for many of the words to this song.

I Love You- No Matter What is a friendship and caring song.  This song speaks to how love endures and it’s unconditional even when we make mistakes.

It’s Love is a gospel style song that has interactive movements that describe how love is deeper, stronger etc. than the biggest and strongest things we know.

Working Together is a cooperative learning song. This song has students act out many important jobs that are best done together to get the job done.

Give the Baby Love develops awareness and sensitivity for nurturing a baby through action words and repetition.

Learning to Love is a sing along that shows different ways we give love and caring each day.

I Can Do That has a message of self-esteem and positive self-image. Children can act out all the action words in this song and follow up with drawings or stories about other things they can do.

Together We’re A Song  is a character education song about working and playing together in harmony.  Our uniqueness adds to the beauty of working together and understanding each other’s diversity.

I Love You- No Matter What (Gentle Version) This song is a gentler of the original that encourages calmness and caring. Discuss how family and friends care for each other through good times and hard times.

I Love To Have Fun promotes having fun together in the classroom.  Sing move and use gross motor skills to show your favorite dance moves.

I Love Myself is a self-esteem song that shows many ways that we love and care for ourselves.

A Chance To Be Children is a character building song that speaks to the many gifts and strengths we instill in our children to watch them grow and reach their potential.

Good-bye for Today is an end of the day song to review the day and have students look forward to the next day of learning together.

This CD focuses on building self-esteem, loving relationships through cooperation, positive discipline and positive thinking.

1. Brand New Day 8. I Can Do That
2. We Are a Family 9. Together We’re a Song
3. I Love You - No Matter What 10. I Love You – No Matter What (Gentle Version)
4. It’s Love 11. I Love to Have Fun
5. Working Together 12. I Love Myself
6. Give this Baby Love 13. A Chance to Be Children
7. Learning to Love 14. Goodbye for Today