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Let’s Get Fit to the Alphabet includes curriculum based movement songs related to the alphabet and early reading and writing skills. While moving and having fun, children will be learning about print concepts (reading words from left to right, reading pages from top to bottom, and reading books page by page), characters and settingsrhyming words, the alphabet, letter sounds, beginning sounds and much more. Children will also be introduced to more complex concepts such as syllablesblending (putting together the sounds in words) and segmenting (separating the sounds in words), and how to work with phonemes (units of sound) to change words. All of these skills will help children build a strong foundation for reading and writing.

This collection of alphabet songs will provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn simple and complex concepts. As the children sing, dance, and follow Jack’s movements, they are also building their foundational literacy skills. Having this type of phonemic awareness (understanding that letter sounds they hear are connected to the letters that they see) and phonological awareness (awareness that words are made up of units of sound, saying rhyming words, clapping out syllables, and recognizing words with the same beginning sound) will increase every child’s literacy skills. When children understand the alphabetletter sounds, and how words work, it opens the door to new and exciting reading and writing opportunities!

Let’s Get Fit to the Alphabet teaches children the connection between the alphabet letters and the sounds that each letter makes. Having this type of phonemic awareness (understanding that the sounds heard are connected to the letters named) will increase every child’s alphabet knowledge while the movements fully engage the brain and body in learning.

The Way We Read is a print concepts song that teaches children about reading. They will learn to read the words from left to right, the pages from top to bottom, and the book page by page. This song also gives several interesting examples of different genres (types of stories) that children can enjoy. Children repeat the print concepts several times, helping them to remember what they need to do when reading a book.

Booyah, Booyah is a fun movement song that focuses on left and right directionality. Understanding left and right will support children as they learn to read and write from left to right. This song also encourages the character traits of respect and a positive attitude.

What Letter Is It is an alphabet song that teaches phonemic awareness (connecting the letter sound to each letter of the alphabet) while incorporating simple, enjoyable exercises. This song covers the entire alphabet and each letter sound. Children will enjoy providing the alphabet letter that matches the phoneme (sound) they hear.

Get Up to Get Down will have all children moving and exercising. This directional song covers the concepts of left and right and up and down. Children will also be hearing rhyming words throughout the song and they will be working on following directions as they follow along with the various fun and engaging movements.

Zig-Zag Ziggety Zee is a name song with funny rhyming words that will have children laughing as they sing along. This song will also teach children about onset (the beginning sound) and rime (the vowel and ending sounds) as they change the word Zee to match the names listed in the song.

Zig-Zag Ziggety Zee (open) is the perfect follow up activity once the children have learned the original Zig-Zag Ziggety Zee song. In this version, the learning is extended by having the children provide the correct word to rhyme with their own name and the names of their friends. Children will have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of onset (the beginning sound) and rime (the vowel and ending sounds), as well as rhyming words. This song can also help them to learn the names of others.

Play with Sounds and Dance Around is a fun animal song with interesting sounds and movements. This song will help children to explore some of the various sounds that can be heard in the alphabet. Children will enjoy making creative movements while hearing a variety of alphabet sounds and unusual word patterns.

Beginning Sound Workout focuses on identifying words that start with the same beginning sound. The children will perform a specific movement when they hear a word that starts with the same sound as the alphabet letter introduced. This is a fun introduction to alliteration (words beginning with the same sound) as well as a song to help children to learn to listen closely to the beginning sounds of words.

Clap Our Syllables teaches children about one, two, and three syllable words. Children will learn that words can be segmented (separated) into sound parts known as syllables. The children will follow directional movements (high, low, left, right) to clap out the syllables of various words. This is a very engaging way to learn about syllables.

I Can Make Words That Rhyme is a rhyming song that will have children moving and grooving as they say words that have the same ending.

Workout As We Rhyme is a fun way for children to show what they know about rhyming words by listening carefully. They will be asked to perform a movement if the words sound the same on the end, and to stop if a word doesn’t rhyme.

Jump Out Words refers to sight words or high-frequency words. These are words that are commonly seen when reading. By learning sight words such as “the” and “you”, students can automatically read more words in a sentence without having to stop to decode (or figure out) every word. This song is a fun way to memorize words.

Sports Syllables Song is a fun and engaging song that will appeal to a wide variety of children. They will enjoy learning more about syllables as they explore and act out various sports vocabulary words.

Exercise to Onsets & Rimes will teach children about onsets (the beginning sounds) and rimes (the vowel and ending sounds) as they sing and move. They will make a word by blending the onset and rime that they hear. They will recognize that these words all belong in a word family (or group of words with the same ending rime or spelling pattern) and that they can make new words in a word family by changing the beginning sound.

Phoneme Deletion Freeze is a movement song that teaches children how to delete a phoneme (remove the beginning sound or sounds) from a word. They will do a coordinated movement for the word, then remove the beginning sound and just repeat the ending of the word. This song helps children understand the formation of words.

Vowel Sound Workout teaches children about long and short vowel sounds. This song specifically names each vowel sound and identifies it as a long sound or a short sound. This will help children as they sound out words on their own or as they attempt to write their own words. Learning long and short vowel sounds is an important foundational alphabet skill.

Vowel Shape Up will have children using their bodies to create each vowel letter. This is a fun alphabet song that has children making a physical representation of these important alphabet letters. This will help children to identify which letters of the alphabet are vowels.

Stretch, Reach, Bend and Blend teaches children about the importance of blends (two letter sounds that blend together) such as bl for block and tr for truck. In blends, two or more consonants work together, but the sound of each alphabet letter can still be heard. Children will first repeat the sound that each individual alphabet letter makes, then say the blend, and then say a word that starts with that blend.

Sight Word Spelling reviews common sight words or high-frequency words (words that are commonly seen when reading) by using special movements. Children use their bodies to show whether the alphabet letters used to spell the words are tall, small, or fall letters. Tall letters (such as t and h) reach high, small letters (such as a and e) sit on the line, and fall letters (such as y and g) hang below the line. This physical representation can help children as they learn to identify and write these alphabet letters.

Word Family Workout is a song about exercising to the word families. Word families are groups of words that have the same ending sounds. Children will recognize that they can make new words in each family simply by changing the beginning sound.

Super Silly Hero Song is a fun movement song that children are sure to enjoy dancing along to. This song will have the children acting out moves as they meet many different characters. They will learn about accepting differences and working together.

Look Out for Bossy R is an alphabet song that teaches about how the letter R can change the sound of a vowel. For example, children can clearly hear the “a” sound in cat. When Bossy R comes along, you have the word car and the “a r” says ar. Learning about Bossy R will help children decode (figure out) R controlled vowels so that they can read words that would otherwise be difficult.

Workout with Bossy R is a movement song that asks children to identify which words have a Bossy R (r controlled vowels) and which words don’t. For example, they would walk in place for car but not cat. This song will allow you to see if the children understand the Bossy R and can easily identify it in the words they hear.

Separating Sounds & Stretch covers beginning, middle, and ending sounds by pairing a physical movement with each sound. This is an excellent way for children to learn and practice the different placements of alphabet sounds in simple words. Understanding beginning, middle, and ending sounds is an important step in reading.

Tell Me Where We Are reviews many different types of settings in which a story may take place. Identifying setting is an important, and sometimes difficult, skill for young learners. The song gives clues about each setting and the children try to identify what that setting is. At the end of the song, all of the settings are listed.

Word on My Mind is an engaging song where children will listen to clues about alphabet sounds, beginning sounds, vowel sounds, and the number of letters to try to figure out a mystery word. This is a great way for children to practice the alphabet skills they’ve learned.

You Make a Difference teaches children that they are important and that they can make a positive difference in the world. This song gives concrete examples of positive things that young children can do. This is an empowering character education song.


Shoot for the Stars is a motivational song for children. It teaches them about setting goals, staying motivated, working with others and taking pride in themselves.


1. Let's Get Fit to the Alphabet 12. Workout As We Rhyme 23. Look Out for Bossy R
2. The Way We Read 13. Jump Out Words 24. Workout with Bossy R
3. Booyah, Booyah 14. Sports Syllable Song 25. Separating Sounds & Stretch
4. What Letter Is It 15. Exercise to Onsets & Rimes 26. Tell Me Where We Are
5. Get Up to Get Down 16. Phoneme Deletion Freeze 27. Word On My Mind
6. Zig-Zag Ziggety Zee 17. Vowel Sound Workout 28. You Make a Difference
7. Zig-Zag Ziggety Zee (open) 18. Vowel Shape Up 29. Shoot for the Stars Today
8. Play With Sounds and Dance Around 19. Stretch, Reach, Bend & Blend  
9. Beginning Sound Workout 20. Sight Word Spelling  
10. Clap Our Syllables 21. Word Family Workout  
11. I Can Make Words that Rhyme 22. Super Hero Song  


 Language Arts & Literacy Skills Included On This CD:

  • Understand Basic Features of Print
  • Recognize & Produce Rhyming Words
  • Blend & Segment Onsets & Rimes
  • Demonstrate One - to - One Letter - Sound Correspondence
  • Read Common High Frequency Words
  • Recognize Vowels & Corresponding Sounds
  • Pronounce, Blend & Segment Syllables
  • Add, Substitute & Isolate Phonemes
  • Phoneme Deletion & Identifying Words
  • Isolate & Pronounce Initial Sounds
  • Identify Characters, Settings & Major Events in a Story
  • Recognize Vowels & Corresponding Sounds
  • Recognize & Name the Letters of the Alphabet