Jack's Tracks

Hop 2 It Music


Jack's Tracks are songs without the primary vocals. Music composition is provided as background for children to sing along with some of Jack's biggest hits. The songs were selected from requests made over the years. To purchase, select the quantity of songs you would like. For instance, 1 song = 1 quantity. 10 songs = 10 quantity. 45 = 45 quantity. Each is a cost of $5. List the tracks you would like in the order comments section and we will email them to you.

01.   A Mother Goose Party
02.   America to Me
03.   Baa Baa Black Sheep
04.   Hanukah
05.   Hey, Diddle Diddle
06.   Hickory Dickory Dock
07.   Humpty Dumpty (new)
08.   Humpty Dumpty (original)
09.   I Know an Old Lady
10.   I Love You Mommy
11.   I Love You No Matter what
12.   I’m a Little Teapot
13.   It Makes Me Stop
14.   Itsy Bitsy Spider
15.   Jack and Jill

16.   Jack Be Nimble

17.   Little Bo Peep (Rock)
18.   Little Bo Peep (female)
19.   Little Bo Peep (male)
20.   Little Boy Blue
21.   Little Miss Muffet (female)
22.   Little Miss Muffet (male)
23.   London Bridge
24.   Mary had a Little Lamb
25.   Mary, Mary (instrumental)
26.   Mary, Mary (karaoke)
27.   Old King Cole
28.   Old Mother Hubbard
29.   One Small Voice
30.   One Voice for Children

31.   One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

32.   Over in the Ocean

33.   Paddycake, Paddycake
34.   Please Porridge
35.   Positive Power
36.   Rags
37.   Reindeer Pokey

38.   Silly Pirate Song

39.   Starlight, Starbright (female)

40.   Starlight, Starbright (male)
41.   There was an Old Woman
42.   This Little Pig
43.   Three Cool Mice
44.   To Market (female)
45.   To Market (male)
46.   Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
47.   We are a Family