Super Fun Learning Songs

Hop 2 It Music

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This album brings fun back to learning.  These songs focus on the following educational topics:  Counting to 100, Brain Breaks, Letter Sounds, Positive Classroom Behavior, Learning Colors, Starting the Day and movement Songs, Compound Words, Community Helpers, Alphabet Recognition, Rhyming, Physical Fitness, Freeze Dance, Self Esteem, Creative Movement and Patterning.

1.  I Can Move My Body Like Anything

2.  Have a Great Day

3.  Move Like the Animals Do

4.  Count from 1 - 100 with DJ Count

5.  Go Bananas

6.  Cowboy Count

7.  Rock Your Body to the Colors

8.  Brand New Day

9.  Community Count to 100

10.  Tooty Ta Pop

11.  Boom Chicka Boom (version 3)

12.  Fun Phonics Fitness

13.  The More You Move the More You Learn

14.  Dance and Freeze

15.  I Can Do It

16.  Rock Out and Learn About the Alphabet

17.  It's Fun to Make 2 Words (version 1)

18.  It's Fun to Make 2 Words (version 2)

19.  Tooty Ta (New Chant)