Counting Piggy Tails CD

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Ages: Early Childhood

This is a peaceful and relaxing collection of songs to help children unwind, calm down and rest.  These songs can also be used as background music to enhance concentration and focus.

All the rhythms are slow and smooth with 30 – 60 beats per minute which is the best tempo of music for optimal concentration and relaxation.  The music is beautifully arranged with calming tones and top professional singing by Jack and male and female guest singers.

It includes songs and lullabies that are (instrumental only) and songs that have wonderful messages about kindness, love, the golden rule, family, dreams and colors.  These soothing songs and lullabies help create a peaceful, relaxed environment, prime for learning and optimal for memory.

This delightful collection of 14 original songs for children's rest time and quiet time are some of Jack's very best. The memorable melodies, soothing rhythms and meaningful words will gently help your children slow down, rest and relax. The entire album is beautifully orchestrated and performed by Jack and a multicultural group of top female and male musicians and singers. In addition to the calming and quieting rhythms, these songs peacefully educate on many important early childhood topics and skills including:

The abc's, The days of the week, Self-esteem, The colors of the rainbow, Basic counting 1 to 10, Being a school family, Respecting and caring for others, The life cycle of a butterfly

Counting Piggy Tails is definitely better than counting sheep to help your children relax, calm down and maybe... go to sleep.

Here's what some parents and teachers have to say about the wonderful quiet time songs on Counting Piggy Tails:

"These rest time songs for children are the best I've heard. They're soothing, calming and beautifully simple. They help our class slow down as soon as they hear it." Sara Parks, Kindergarten Teacher

"I have a night owl two year old and when Counting Piggy Tails starts playing he begins calming down. And, he's learned to sing the ABC's with ABC Lullaby too." Jennifer Cory, parent of three young children.

Humpty Dumpty This song is the traditional nursery rhyme but is musically arranged as a beautiful lullaby.  It has soothing tones and vocals to enhance relaxation and feeling of calmness.

ABC Lullaby is the traditional ABC song with slow flowing music at the ideal 30 to 60 beats per minute for de-stressing and relaxation.

Magic Pony Children go on a soothing imagination ride to various places they can dream about.  This lullaby is filled with ideas, places and thoughts of wonder.

Everyone Needs to Rest This song has a simple and important message that “everyone needs to rest.”  It has gentle lullaby music and sings about all different animals and people need rest to do their best.

Show Kindness Everyday The message is kindness and the music is African.  It’s soothing, calm and beautifully sung by our good friend Will Duncan.

Butterfly Flutter By This is one of my prettiest lullabies and it explains the lifecycle of a butterfly.  Children can use their imaginations and visualize the caterpillar growing and changing into a butterfly.

Counting Piggy Tails This is another gentle lullaby with a farm setting.  It includes counting to ten and a message of the baby pigs getting ready to sleep.

There’s Someone Who Loves You This song reassures children that no matter where they are or what they’re doing, someone is thinking of them and loves them.  A beautiful lullaby with a beautiful message.

Make Beautiful Wishes Sings about wishing good things for other people.  If someone’s sad, try and make them smile; if someone feels bad, help them to feel better.  These are just some of the positive social skills messages in this wonderful lullaby.

The Golden Rule It’s the Golden Rule as a beautiful lullaby.  It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.  A message of treating others as you’d like to be treated.

Colors of the Rainbow This lullaby sings about the colors of the rainbow and uses the acronym ROYGBIV to help children learn and memorize.

Days of the Week Is a days of the week lullaby starting with Sunday.  Children will be able to easily memorize this important calendar skill.

We Are a Family Is all about learning, laughing, hugging, hoping and dreaming as a family.  It’s not a lullaby, but it’s a smooth Caribbean rhythm that feels like you’re in Jamaica.  One of the best children’s songs I’ve written in my life.

I Love You No Matter What Is about unconditional love.  Tell children or anyone you love that you love them when the sun shines, when it rains or even when you’re mad.  It’s surely one of my favorite lullabies.

Songs 15, 16 and 17 are music only versions of three of the songs.  Children can rest and relax to just the instrumental versions of three lullabies on the album


1. Humpty Dumpty 10. The Golden Rule
2. ABC Lullaby 11. Colors of the Rainbow
3. Magic Pony 12. Days of the Week
4. Everyone Needs to Rest 13. We Are a Family
5. Show Kindness Everyday 14. I Love You – No Matter What
6. Butterfly Flutter By 15. There’s Someone Who Loves You*
7. Counting Piggy Tails 16. We Are a Family*
8. There’s Someone Who Loves You 17. I Love You – No Matter What*
9. Make Beautiful Wishes *Means Music Only