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Every 1 Counts has over 30 math songs to help young children learn to count to 100, skip counting, counting on, patterning and shapes. Many of the math songs can be used as transition songs for times when students need to gather together. This math album also contains movement songs that can be used for brain breaks during schoolwork or homework. Brain breaks are quick and effective ways to regroup and energize students, both mentally and physically. Children will enjoy learning about math in a fun, interesting and age appropriate way as they sing and dance along.

This collection of math songs covers many of the basic math concepts that young children should learn, including some of the common core math standards. Model the movements for young learners and use hand puppets and props to make learning even more engaging. You can increase the effectiveness of these songs by writing and displaying the numerals (numbers) whenever possible. This CD also contains several special songs to use for holidays as well as a fun variety of birthday songs. These songs and activities will build children’s bodies and brains as they have fun learning about math.

Jack Hartmann Says teaches children to listen carefully and follow directions. Jack leads students in this fun twist on the traditional Simon Says game. Children will need to listen carefully and only do the activities that follow Jack’s name.

Ready for School will get children pumped up and feeling positive about their day. Children will be singing and dancing as they get their whole body ready for school. Play this song at the beginning of the day to start the morning off right.

Rock n’ Roll Days of the Week will have students rockin’ and rollin’ as they learn the days of the week. This is the perfect math song for an energetic calendar time lesson.

Country Line Count teaches children to count to 100 by 1’s while they follow country line dance moves. All of your cowboys and cowgirls will love exercising their bodies and brains as they count to 100 with this country math song.

Count by Two’s Animal Groove teaches children to skip count by 2’s while they make funny animal sounds and movements. Students will count to 100 while they flap, slither and stomp.

Fitness Fiesta teaches children to skip count by 5’s while they exercise. Students will become goal posts, washing machines and trains as they count to 100.

Hip-Hop Jive and Count by 5’s teaches children to skip count by 5’s. This song also teaches about left-right directionality, an important skill in early childhood. Students will love jiving, doing the cabbage patch and bird walking as they count to 100!

Dancing Star is an energetic math song that teaches children about left-right directionality in a fun and fast-paced way. Use this song as a dance party reward or whenever children need to move. Brain breaks are the key to helping restless students get refocused and energized. This would also be a great transition song for times when you need to gather students together. Get ready to dance!

I Believe has positive lyrics and upbeat music to provide children with the support and encouragement they need to believe in themselves and each other. This affirmation song is sure to start everyone’s day on the right note. This song is great for teaching students about character education, growth mindset (the belief that you can learn, grow and change through dedication and hard work), goal setting and teamwork.

Pump Up the Pattern teaches children about simple and complex patterns as they move their bodies and follow the physical actions. Children will create an A-B, A-B-C, and A-B-C-D patterns as they pump up their muscles...and their math skills!

Numbercise teaches children how to form the numerals (numbers) from 0-9. Students will follow Jack’s detailed directions to correctly write each numeral in the air. It’s always a good idea to have the numbers on display. After modeling the movements and practicing together, have the students try to write the numbers down as you play the song again. Watch the video: Numbercise

Three Days in a Row is a fun way for children think about yesterday, today and tomorrow as they move their bodies. They will do one movement for yesterday, another one for today and a third movement for tomorrow. Students will also name the appropriate days of the week while singing. This is a great calendar time song.

Months of the Year Cheer is a math song that teaches the months of the year. Children will say the names of the twelve months in order as they cheer together.

Twenty-Six Letters is a math song that teaches children about counting the letters of the alphabet. This is a great song to play as children think about setting learning goals. Students could create or color graphs to show how many uppercase letters and lowercase letters they can identify.

Alligator Chomp (new version) will teach children about patterns and following the base of a pattern. The alligator will chomp out a pattern and then students can chomp (clap) the pattern back to him. Use an alligator puppet to make this math song even more engaging. Alligator Chomp is always a student favorite.

Shape Up is a math song that teaches children about the basic shapes. They will follow along with their hands as they learn how to form a circle, square, triangle, rectangle and oval. This math song also gives real-world examples of shapes and it teaches children that shapes are all around us. This is the perfect song to sing before taking children on a shape walk. Watch the video:Shape Up

Animals Count is a simple song that practices counting from 1 to 3, 1 to 4 and 1 to 5. This math song is a great way to introduce young learners to counting. Children will love chomping and buzzing as they count like the animals.

Beat of the Street encourages children to use their brains and their bodies as they exercise and sing. This is a great song to use when you need to gather children together or as a fun brain break (time to refocus and energize) or as an instant dance party reward for a job well done.

Hand Clap Rap is a math and movement song that teaches children about clapping out patterns. Jack will count and model the pattern and students will repeat it.

Number in the Middle is a math song that asks children to identify which number is in between the two numbers stated. The predictable pattern of the song makes it easy for children to join in and share out the missing number.

It’s Cool to Count On is a math song that teaches children how to count on, or count up from a given number. Children often count from 1 but this song challenges them to start with other numbers. In this math song, a number will be given and then everyone counts three numbers forward from that number. Counting on is an important foundational skill for mental math. Children will use this skill later as they solve addition and subtraction problems.

Days in the Month Rap teaches children how many days there are in each month. Students will rap, whisper rap and then become big rappers as they move and learn.

Rock to the Beat is a music and movement song, perfect for brain breaks or transitions between activities. Students will rock, shake, twist and pretend to play different instruments as they rock to the cool beat.  

How to Spell Our Numbers is math song that teaches children how to spell out the number words. Display the letters and words and point to each number and letter so that the children can follow along when singing this song. Each number is spelled out several times. Students could listen the first time and then join in.

Tie Your Shoes Rap covers the steps of how to tie your shoes. This is an important (and often difficult) skill for young learners. As students learn self-care skills like shoe tying, they become more confident and independent. Trace a shoe on an old shoebox, poke holes in it, and thread a shoelace through the holes to make a practice station.

Zero the Hero is everyone’s favorite math superhero! In this math song, children will count to 100 by 1’s and learn the importance of the number 0 as they exercise with Zero the Hero. This is a great song to play after every ten days in school.

Alligator Chomp (new patterns) is a remix of the original Alligator Chomp song. Children will love learning all new patterns as they chomp along with the alligator!

Reindeer Pokey is a fun holiday version of the classic hokey pokey song. Children will enjoy pretending to be a reindeer as they listen and follow directions. Watch the video: Reindeer Pokey

Valentine’s Day Party Dance is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Students will learn about listening, following directions and working with a partner as they follow the song to boogie, shake and cha-cha with a friend. This is a great song for Valentine’s Day parties or February friendship celebrations. Watch the video: Valentine’s Day Party Dance

Birthday Rap gives every child the chance to strike a pose when they hear their birthday month. Children will hear the twelve months of the year as they sing, move and listen. This is a fun song to do during calendar time or on someone’s special day.

Your Birthday Rocks invites the birthday boy or girl to become a rock star on their special day. The birthday child will pretend to put on sunglasses and a funky hat while they rock the guitar as their friends clip and dance. You may wish to use fun props with this rockin’ birthday song.

Happy Birthday Hoedown is a country song created especially for celebrating the birthday of a special cowboy or cowgirl. Children will be invited to sing and dance as they have a birthday hoedown for the guest of honor.

It’s Birthday Time is fun birthday song. Children can move and sing together as they name the birthday boy or girl and wish their friend a very happy day. It’s birthday time!

Hip-Hop Happy Birthday is a celebration song for a special birthday boy or girl. In this song, students say the name of the birthday child and also their age. Children will enjoy singing and dancing together as they celebrate a friend’s special day.

1. Jack Hartmann Says

18. Beat of the Street

2. Ready for School 19. Hand Clap Rap
3. Rock n’ Roll Days of the Week 20. Number in the Middle
4. Country Line Count 21. It’s Cool to Count On
5. Count by 2’s Animal Groove 22. Days in the Month Rap
6. Fitness Fiesta 23. Rock to the Beat
7. Hip - Hop Jive Count by 5’s 24. How to Spell Our Numbers
8. Dancing Star 25. Tie Your Shoes Rap
9. I Believe 26. Zero the Hero
10. Pump Up the Pattern 27. Alligator Chomp (new patterns)
11. Numbercise 28. Reindeer Pokey
12. Three Days in a Row 29. Valentine’s Day Party Dance
13. Months of the Year Cheer 30. Birthday Rap
14. Twenty - Six Letters 31. Your Birthday Rocks
15. Alligator Chomp (new version) 32. Happy Birthday Hoedown
16. Shape Up 33. It’s Birthday Time
17. Animals Count 34. Hip - Hop Happy Birthday


Skills on this CD

Skip Counting by 2’s and 5’s

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Counting to 100 by 1’s


Shape Formation

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Number Formation




Numbers Before, After and in the Middle

Calendar Skills

Zero the Hero (awareness of number 0)

Special Days, Holidays, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day

Spelling Numbers

Spatial Concepts

Following Directions

Gross Motor Fun

Exercise and Fitness Fun