Learning by Leaps and Bounds

Hop 2 It Music


Count to 100 by 1's, 2's & 5's* Mindfulness* Brain Breaks* Letter Sounds* The Spanish Alphabet* Rhyming* Fitness* Listening Skills* Telling Time* Reading Skills* Writing Skills

1. Baby Shark Dance                           10. Count by 5's to 100 with Grandma and Grandpa

2. Floss Dance                                      11. Colors of the Rainbow

3. See It, Say It, Sign It                          12. Exercise Rhyme and Freeze

4. DJ Count                                            13. Let's Learn the Alphabet

5. Let's Get Fit                                        14.  Superhero Song

6. Be Mindful                                          15. Let's Move

7. Freeze Dance with Humpty                16. Be a Whole Body Listener

   and Friends                                          17. Analog Clock

8. Count by 1's to 100 with                     18. Alphabet Song

   Grandma and Grandpa                        19. Alpabeto

9. Count by 2's to 100 with                      20. Flush

   Grandma and Grandpa