Leaping Letter Songs CD

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26 Animal Action songs that alliterate each letter of the alphabet. Every song represents one of the 26 letters of the alphabet and the animal’s name alliterates on each specific letter, ie: Rocky the Rock n’ Roll Raccoon, Adam the Action Ant.

These fun action-based songs engage children in moving, listening, dancing and interacting as they develop their phonemic awareness skills.  Make language development and reading readiness fun with Leaping Letter Songs.

If your children love animals and you want them to develop their reading and language skills, then this album is absolutely perfect for you.

Adam the Action Ant The short vowel sound (a) is highlighted in this non-fictional song giving children some real information about how hard ants work.  Your children can act out the movement words about all the real things they actually do.  As they’re moving, they sing, hear and develop their phonemic awareness skills.

Bubba the Baby Bumble Bee The letter (b) is alliterating all throughout this song as children repeat Bubba’s name as they move and go buzzing all around.  Children can move their arms and go buzzing up high, down low or all around.

Calvin the Counting Cat Children alliterate on the letter (c) and count to 10.  As they count, your children will have fun moving, swinging and prancing like a cat.  They’ll also have lots of fun meow-ing to the melody at the end of the song.

Desi the Dinosaur’s Disco Dance   Everybody gets up to disco as they hear the (d) sound.  Children can easily follow the directions to the simple movement instructions and learn how to dance.  They will also love to “freeze” and “roar” and they all say the alliterative phrase – Desi the Dinosaur’s Disco Dance.  Alliteration is fun with disco dancing…and with a dinosaur!

Eddy the Elephant Never Forgets Children develop their listening and auditory repetition skills in this song.  Eddy sings a phrase; children listen and then repeat that phrase.  Short vowel soundlistening and memory skills are all developed here.

Felipe’s Fantastic Fun Fish Freeze Jump into this fun Latin beat and your children will hear alliterationbeginning sounds and have fun moving and dancing.

Go Go Go Gaylord Gorilla The letter (g) is all over the place in this cool jungle song.  Alliteration and movement is what it’s all about here.  Have fun and Go with Gaylord!

Harry the Hippie Hippopotomus Make the peace sign and interact as friends with this warm and friendly song focusing on the letter (h)

Iggy’s Incredible Inchworm Walk The short vowel sound (i) is the beginning sound here along with learning about how an inchworm moves along.  Your children have a chance to try to really move a little like an inchworm. In this song you’ll find lots of alliteration and non-fiction inchworm information.

Jo Jo the Jiggly Jellyfish I combine a little fiction and non-fiction in this sea-life alliteration song on the letter J.  Lots of movement fun to this Caribbean style song your children will love.

Kimby the Kindness Kangaroo   Building social skills, fun movements and developing a child’s awareness of the consonant sound for (k) are all important strengths of this song.  Children shake another’s hand, share smiles, give a high five and give a friend a gentle hug as they sing together.  Kindness and the letter K are perfect together for Kimby the Kindness Kangaroo.

Little Lulu the Lion   A great brain break song to get children to move left, right, forward, backward, side to side and up and down.  Teaching spatial concepts, fun movements and hearing consonant sound (l) are all in the song Little Lulu the Lion.

Micky the Mini Mighty Monkey Another great brain break song with Micky and the letter M.  Children dance and jump, twist, slide, disco, wiggle, cha-cha, skate and Monkey to a real cool beat!

Nina the Nightingale Sings Her Numbers Children can practice counting to 20 and hear the consonant sound (n) for their phonemic awareness.

Octavius the Octopus This is the biggest movement song on the album and it develops with stacking one movement upon another as a growing pattern – like Tooty Ta, but under the sea. 

Poppy the Pink Pelican There’s a nice balance of fiction and non-fiction in this song.  Children will learn many of the behaviors of pelicans.  Actually, we found that there really are pelicans that are a pinkish color.  There’s a nice message of appreciation of diversity in this song, too.

Quincy the Quail Children hear the (kw) sound of (q) and learn about the habitat and behavior of a quail.  This song also includes simple fun movements your children can easily follow.

Rocky the Rock n’ Roll Raccoon Tons of (r’s) in this fun movement song so your children really develop their phonemic awareness for hearing the letter (r) sound.  Children follow all the movements and have fun.

Sally’s Silly Salmon Dance This fictional song gets everyone dancing together, fluttering their arms like flippers, swimming left and right, saying and hearing lots of s’s while doing Sally’s Silly Salmon Dance.

Tammy the Teenie Tiny Tiger This song is like the Little Engine That Could, but here with Tommy doing lots of things the other tigers thought he couldn’t do.  It gives a wonderful message of self-esteem to “never give up”.

Upton the Unbelievable Umbrellabird Developing a child’s phonemic awareness to hear the short vowel sound for the letter (u) and giving real information about an umbrellabirds’ habitat are the educational highlights of this song.

Victor the Viper The (v) sound, fun snake movements children can do and non-fiction information are all in this really cool song.  Also, includes lots of repetition for young children to practice saying the words and sounds.

Wendy the Wonderful Woodpecker Lots of alliteration with the letter (w) in this delightful song.  Children will learn about the habitat, some movements and the behaviors of this very interesting bird.  It’s one of our favorites at Hop 2 It Music.

Rox the Fox We had to use the letter (x) at the end because there’s no animal children would recognize with (x) at the beginning and with the (ks) sound.  Children can develop their letter sound awareness by saying lots of other words that end with the letter (x).

Yoshika the Yak Children can have fun and do some Hip-Hop moves saying yo, yo, yo with Yoshika the Yak.  They also will learn non-fictional information about the behavior and habitat of the huge interesting animal.

Ziggy the Zebra Develop your child’s phonemic awareness with changing beginning sounds to the letter (z).  Movement fun, alliteration and beginning sounds are all here to learn and enjoy this song.

Jack Hartmann’s Alphabet Animal Parade   Strengthen letter sound knowledge and name all the animals beginning with each letter of the alphabet in this song.

Song List

01. Adam the Action Ant
02. Bubba the Baby Bumble Bee
03. Calvin the Counting Cat
04. Desi the Dinosaur’s Disco Dance
05. Eddy the Elephant Never Forgets
06. Felipe’s Fantastic Fun Fish Freeze
07. Go Go Go Gaylord Gorilla
08. Harry the Hippie Hippopotamus
09. Iggy’s Incredible Inchworm Walk
10. Jo Jo the Jiggly Jellyfish
11. Kimby the Kindness Kangaroo
12. Little Lulu the Lion
13. Micky the Mini Mighty Monkey
14. Nina the Nightingale Sings Her Numbers

15. Octavius the Octopus
16. Poppy the Pink Pelican
17. Quincy the Quail
18. Rocky the Rock N’ Roll Raccoon
19. Sally’s Silly Salmon Dance
20. Tommy the Teenie Tiny Tiger
21. Upton the Unbelievable Umbrella Bird
22. Victor the Viper
23. Wendy the Wonderful Woodpecker
24. Rox the Fox
25. Yoshika the Yak
26. Ziggy the Zebra
27. Jack Hartmann’s Alphabet Animal Parade


Skills Included on this CD:


Letter Sounds

Learning about Animals - Habitats & Ways they Behave

Science Facts - How Animals Move, Live, Get Food & Have Different Colors

Gross Motor Movement Fun

Counting 1 to 10 & 1 to 20

Kindness & Appreciating Diversity

Following Directions