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For grades Pre-K to 3rd.

ExerSongs includes over 20 fun physical education songs that will get your children moving, exercising and learning important curriculum skills.  It’s perfect for regular elementary classrooms, physical education programs and homeschoolers.  The movements and exercises are built-in to each song so the children will know exactly what to do and how to do it.  In addition to the great beats and fitness movements to follow, ExerSongs includes reading, math and social skills curriculum topics to strengthen your child’s learning.

These physical education songs are super for taking a brain break through the day to refresh and rejuvenate the children for learning.  We’ve also included some great songs to engage children in fun crossover moves to help them use both sides of the brain and make those brain connections.  Research shows that students who are physically active perform better at school. ExerSongs is the perfect tool to help your children get the physical activity and brain breaks they need to be successful in school.  Jack has also integrated number skills, alphabet recognition, skip counting and life science into this powerful fitness and physical education album.

Born to Move Children move all parts of their body and get physical activity from head to toe to this motivational brain breaks song.

Top Dog has a message of self-esteem and achievement as children run and climb in place, reach, dance and crisscross at higher and higher levels (superlatives) fast, faster and fastest; high, higher and highest until one day they might be Top Dog.  Another great brain break and it includes a fun part where children do some dog barks.

Coach McDougal Had a Team puts a new physical education twist on the traditional favorite Old McDonald.  It’s positive, energizing, motivational and clearly tells what body part to move and how to move it.  There are stretches, squats, twists and more – all in a short period of time that’s perfect for a class workout with Coach McDougal.

Ooga Booga Boogie Looking for a silly, monster character based song to get some physical activity – this is it!  It’s a fun, growing pattern like Tooty Ta, too!  If your children like “repeat after me songs” – it helps with listening and repeating.  There are lots of gross motor movements, repetition, monster moves, laughs and cool music.  It’s a winner brain break with laughs!

Around the World Jack took this physical education activity and made it a fun, country rock song.  It’s a great workout in 3 minutes if you do it the right way.  Spread feet out – wide, both arms out front, hands together.  On “let’s go around”…make big circles right and left with your arms.  Also, you can squat down low and back up for a great leg workout.  Count and stretch with the song – teaching spatial concepts.

Alphabet Workout teaches alphabet recognition and letter formation as children do a variety of exercises.  Check out our YouTube video of this song so you and your children can see how we do it.  It also introduces spatial math concepts such as top, bottom, straight line, curve and more. Watch the video: Alphabet Workout (Capital Letters)

Counting Forward, Counting Back teaches children the math skill of counting forward and counting backward.  This song has great simple movements and teaches skip counting by 10’s. Watch the video:Counting Forward, Counting Back

Machines in Motion In this movement song, children make a wide variety of motions and movements like machines all around their environment (ie:  swish like a washing machine, push like a bulldozer).  It develops a child’s awareness of movements and math in the environment.  Children become active in a creative way and get great exercise moving like machines.

Milton the Mouse Likes to Help Around the House Children love Jack’s Milton the Mouse character and on this song they get to practice cleaning up with Milton and get some good exercise, too.  Milton always says “Yes, I can” when asked to help, so it teaches children about being helpful and having a positive attitude.

Crossover engages children right away with making a wide variety of cross – the – midline moves to strengthen those right and left-brain connections.  This song has the “coolest” Latin beat and rhythm that just makes children want to move.  Crossover can be used in the classroom, physical education class or at home as a great brain breaks activity.  The song specifically tells children what body part to move and how to crossover.

Connect with a Friend and Freeze is one of my favorite brain breaks songs on this album.  It engages children in physical activity and connecting them with positive moves to interact with one another.  (They teach hip to hip, knee to knee) and have so much fun doing the moves.  Children follow my directions on what parts of the body to connect with their friends.  They build social skills having lots of fun together.

Animals in Action This brain break song has jungle music, lots of animals and opportunities for children to move like the animals move.  This song also teaches children listening skills because it’s a repeat – after – me song, too.  As a great brain break song or in physical education this song really gets children singing and getting those wiggles out as they move like animals.  After this fun brain break, your children will be ready to re-focus and get back to optimal learning.

Exercise as a Family of Words teaches children about word families and gets them moving like sports characters.  (tennis players, football players, basketball players and skiers) Word families are an essential topic in reading and phonological awareness so this song covers movement, physical activity and basic language skills.

My Fingers Can Be Animals That Exercise is a fun fingerplay that gets little fingers small movement exercise so they are better ready to write, color or any manipulation with their hands.

Crazy Eights is a physical education activity I made into a song.  It also engages children in basic counting to eight as they perform the movements.  Children start with feet together – then toes move a little to the sides, then heels – all to the count of eight.  Then bend down and hands go down to the count of eight then hands crawl out to an eight count as the body stretches.  Then follow the rest of the movements out and then backward to the start position.

Swim to Stay Strong is a fun, swimming movement and skip counting brain breaks song.  It has skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as well as counting to 10by 1’s.  Children follow the swimming movements I sing and skip count out loud.  A swimming skip counting song sums it up nicely.  Great for classroom brain break or physical education class.

Exercise is Cool motivates and encourages children to exercise and stay healthy and fit.  Children follow the easy – to – follow exercise moves and dances that are clearly made to engage them in physical activity.  Listening, following directions and learning left and right are also skills your children will gain as they participate in this song.

Workout in the Gym helps children develop their imagination and pretend to be exercising in the gym as they get fit, skip count by 10’s and have fun together.  They follow the directions in the song and participate in gross motor movements with both the upper and lower body.  This creative physical education song also develops the math skill of counting forward and backward.

Exercise to the Alphabet teaches children the correct way to say the letter sounds as they are engaged in fun and simple physical activity, movements, (i.e.: arm circles, marching, crossover scissor moves) Learning letter sounds is the foundation of learning to read, so this song can be done daily to your children.  Memorize these sounds accurately.

Animals in Action Vol. 2 is the same fun animal action movement song as Vol. 1, but with all new and different animals.  It’s a repeat – after – me song so listening skills are developed as they hear the animal movements and repeat them and move.  Another greatbrain breaks song for the classroom or used in physical education class, too.

Warm It Up Use this song to help get your children to flex and stretch their muscles to get ready for physical activity.

Cool Cat’s Cool Down Cool Cat is a fun “cool cat” song that calmly directs children to stretch and relax their bodies.  This song is not a “get the wiggles out” brain break, but used as a calming – down and refocusing brain break.  Cool Cat uses very simple directions for all children to follow.


The last three songs on the album are repeated from original versions because they can be used to extend the physical and learning activities of each song.  (For example – on song 24, teachers and parents, can fill in their own word families.

These exercise and fitness songs for children focus on the following curriculum skills:

Alphabet Recognition - Letter Sounds – Counting by 10’s forward & back – Word Families Writing Readiness – Brain & Body Connections – Animal and Environmental Awareness Social Skills

These cool creative songs get children moving, exercising and learning. Jack appreciates the different cultures of all children. These songs include a diversity of musical styles including : hip – hop, Latin, rock, rap, African, Caribbean, country, techno and pop.

1. Born to Move 14. My Fingers Can Be Animals That Exercise
2. Top Dog 15. Crazy Eights
3. Coach McDougal Had a Team 16. Swim to Stay Strong
4. Ooga Booga Boogie 17. Exercise Is Cool
5. Around the World 18. Workout in the Gym
6. Alphabet Workout 19. Exercise to the Alphabet
7. Counting Forward, Counting Back 20. Animals in Action 2
8. Machines in Motion 21. Warm It Up
9. Milton the Mouse Likes to Help Around the House 22. Cool Cat’s Cool Down
10. Crossover – Latin 23. Alphabet Workout - open
11. Connect with a Friend and Freeze 24. Exercise as a Family of Words - open
12. Animals in Action 1 25. Exercise to the Alphabet - open
13. Exercise as a Family