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Jump, Jive and Jiggle is ideal to teach physical education in preschool and kindergarten classrooms and home learning.  The music is upbeat, diverse, happy and educationally sound.

Alphabet recognition, counting, transitions, exercising, language play, rhyming, beginning sounds, kindness, cleaning-up, dancing and fitness, listening and more are all skill areas included on this super fun brain breaks album.

Dancin’ With Doodles the Duck Brain Breaks encouraging creative dance and movement for little ones.  Children follow the fun, simple gross motor movements sung in the song.  They will have fun, relieve stress and move with Doodles.

Jungle Jive Exercise A great brain break song for young children that includes lots of repetition and a jungle setting. A great song to use in physical education classes and during indoor recess!

I Can Count Almost Anything Children count to ten in a pattern and have lots of fun moving as surfers, apples swinging in a tree, puppies wagging their tails, ducks paddling and more!   Also, a great song for developing awareness that math is all around us in our environment.

Fergie Gets Fit This song features a loveable frog, (Fergie) who loves to exercise.  It has a whole theme of the importance of physical fitness as Fergie directs your children on what exercises to do.  The song also has important content about good nutrition and healthy living.

You Echo Me Game Listening skillsauditory repetition and fun movements are all important parts of this song your children will enjoy as it helps them develop their language skills.

I’ve Got Hip-Hop A cool Hip-Hop brain break song that will get your children movin’ and groovin’, dancing and getting some great exercise, too.

Goin’ On a Whale Watch Your children will love this whale’s tale and learn information about Goin’ On a Whale Watch.  They’ll also learn real events of the whale watch and behaviors and actions of the whales.  You can use this unique song to enhance your science curriculum on animal habitats.

Rhyme and Dance   Listening for rhyming words and words that don’t rhyme builds phonemic awareness skills in this dance and freeze song.  Children do fun dances when the words rhyme and freeze when they don’t rhyme.

You Can Make the World a Better Place This song has a positive social skills message for all children to reach out and share happiness, handshakes and smiles with others.  It’s a song about bringing the world more goodness and love.  It includes lots of fun movements.

Photo Op and Freeze Your children will practice their listening skills, creative play and get to have fun – smile, pose and freeze in this freeze dance type of song.  This brain break can be used as a transition song to get some wiggles out before starting another academic activity.  Children follow all the action words then after – everybody smile - everybody freeze.

Count and Workout to 20 Counting to 20 and exercising together is what all your children will be doing with this song.  This math song has them counting and moving to stay fit.

Word Play Developing phonemic awareness was never this much fun and so simple. Children follow my actions as they repeat after me the words and the beginning sounds.  They will really develop their language listening skills as they listen to the words and the beginning sounds as they repeat throughout the song.  Lots of movement fun and developing language arts skills, too!

Dinosaur Chomp and Stomp If your children are fascinated with dinosaurs, they will really want to hear this song over and over again.  This math song focuses on patterning.  Children listen to the pattern of chomps or stomps and they do the movement and sounds and repeat the pattern and movements.  They also develop their gross motor skills by swinging their tail, shaking their head, stomping their feet and chomping their teeth.

Super Kid Cleaner A great transition song for clean-up time in school or at home.  It encourages children to feel good about cleaning up.  Your children will feel a sense of self-esteem about cleaning up with this upbeat, cool song.

Is This a Number or a Letter This simple song helps your child identify and understand the difference between numbers and letters.  The song sings about a number or a letter and then teachers or parents show children the letter or number and children will show they understand as they stand up for a letter or sit down if it’s a number.  This song can really help your child identify the correct symbol for a word or a letter.

There Are Times for Listening Your children will develop their awareness of times for clapping, dancing, singing and times for being quiet.  The song will direct them to shake, clap, give a hug, etc.… and when to be quiet.  The social skill of good listening is the focus here.

Meet the Letters of the Alphabet Alphabet recognition is the essential skill in this song. Teachers can hold up a large card with the letter as the song highlights the letter one by one.

Mountains of Love for Your Children A song for teachers and parents!  Adults are highlighted here as they express how much they love their children.  They sing – yes, I do, yes, I do, in a gospel-like tribute to their work.  This is a great song about teacher appreciation!

Thank You, Thank You Another teacher appreciation song by children.  This helps your children to express appreciation for the special things teachers do and how wonderful they make children feel.  Children can sing this to teachers – everyone will smile!

First Letter of My Name A wonderfully simple song for developing both self-esteem and phonemic awareness skills.  Children love hearing their own name and they develop an awareness of the beginning sound and letter in their name.  This song uses Jack’s name to show how to sing the song.

First Letter of My Name This is an open-ended version of this song so you can put in any child’s name.

Is This a Number or a Letter An open-ended version of song 15. Here you can show children any number or letter and have them identify it.

Rhyme and Dance Open-ended version of song 8.  Put in any rhyming words or non-rhyming words.

Word Play  Open-ended version of song 12.  Put in any action words and say beginning sounds.

Kindness Cheer  A super simple song to encourage children to be kind to one another.  Children can sing anytime of the day to encourage and remind children to act kindly to one another.


1. Dancin’ with Doodles the Duck 

14. Super Kid Cleaner 

2. Jungle Jive Exercise  15. Is This a Number or a Letter
3. I Can Count Almost Anything  16. There Are Times for Listening 
4. Fergie Gets Fit  17. Meet the Letters of the Alphabet 
5. You Echo Me Game  18. Mountains of Love for Your Children 
6. I’ve Got Hip - Hop  19. Thank You, Thank You 
7. Goin’ On a Whale Watch  20. First Letter of My Name (for Jack) 
8. Rhyme and Dance  21. First Letter of My Name (blanks for any name)
9. You Can Make the World a Better Place  22. Is This a Number or a Letter (open - any number or letter) 
10. Photo Op and Freeze  23. Rhyme and Dance (open - for any words) 
11. Count and Workout to 20  24. Word Play (open - any action word)
12. Word Play  25. Kindness Cheer
13. Dinosaur Chomp and Stomp   



Counting to 20 by 1’s Classroom Exercise & Fitness
Recognize & Produce Rhyming Words
Listening & Auditory Repetition Identifying a Number or Letter
Isolating Beginning Sounds Alphabet Recognition
Kindness & Cooperation