It Starts in the Heart CD

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Ages 5 to 10

This album was created by Dr. Becky Bailey and Jack Hartmann to help children develop their social skills.  It includes songs and activities that focus on; friendship, diversity, self-esteem, cooperation, anger management and being helpful.

Dr. Bailey directed the content of the songs based on her behavior management program, Conscious Discipline.  Jack created the music and he got some of his top professional singers and musicians to add their talents to these social skills songs. They promote a positive problem-solving approach and appreciation of all people.

It Starts in the Heart is a beautiful social skills song that has a message; cooperation, hope and love and it all starts in the heart.

Get Ready is a great “start the day” song that engages children in movement and social interaction.

Welcome is a warm and friendly song that welcomes new children to class or simply as a welcome song for the whole class to start the day.  It’s a great “start the day” song.

That Was Helpful This social skills song focuses on the important topic of being helpful.  It sings about being considerate, sharing, using manners, saying thank you and showing respect to others.  The phrase – “that was helpful” is repeated many times so children can hear the message of being helpful.

I Wish You Well This social skills song about caring for others is one of my favorite songs on this album.  It engages children in interactive movements where children touch elbows together, give each other good eye contact, touch backs together, knees together and more.  Children can easily remember this social skills phrase “I Wish You Well” and say it to each other.

My School Family Engages children with interactive movement fun as children give each a high five, hug each other and pinky hug.  It’s a growing pattern that allows children to repeat the movements and have fun together.  Social skills are strengthened as the children make good eye contact and have lots of good touching.

Caring Friends is a beautiful social skills version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  It sings about kindness, friendship, respect, being helpful, staying safe and self-esteem all in one sweet, simple song.

Look at Me is all about looking for the best in people.  It sings about appreciating others and seeing all the good things they do and can do, and not just their faults.  Children can repeat the echo parts of the song and give each other hugs and clap together.

Friendship Chant is a repeat after me song about friendship, being helpful, listening, not hurting others, good choices and seeing the best in others.  It’s an upbeat, positive, social skills song that really helps children learn many ways to be a friend.

Friendship Chant (music only) Your children can be creative and think of other ways to be a good friend.  Also, they’ll practice their rhyming skills.

Star Song Helps your children have some skills and strategies to manage anger.  It includes practicing, relaxation skills, (ie: deep breathing).  Star Song tells children they are stars when they handle their feelings in positive ways.

Let’s Celebrate is about celebrating the good things children do.  It reinforces their good choices and good behavior.  It’s so upbeat and positive.

All Together is a super simple song about living in peace and working and playing together with love.  All children can sing along with this beautifully simple song.

You Did It The focus here is cooperation and giving children encouragement and support for being cooperative.  It sings about specific things children can do to be more cooperative.

Shubert Shuffle Shubert is a fun character developed by Dr. Becky Bailey to help children learn social skills.  Children can follow Shubert’s movements and learn how he tries to be helpful and respectful.

People to People Engages children in positive social interactions with each other.  Children hold hands, go arm in arm, touch shoulder to shoulder and build their social skills together.  Sing along with the beautiful, catchy chorus.

I Wish You Well in Spanish

All Together in Spanish

People to People in Spanish

Look at Me music only so your children can sing.

Early childhood Skills

This original collection of songs promotes caring connections.  

  • Build a school family
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Develop social skills
  • Strengthen self-esteem

Connecting is the key to building character through conflict! with Dr. Becky Bailey - Character Education for Children

1. It Starts In the Heart 11. S.T.A.R. Song
2. Get Ready 12. Let’s Celebrate
3. Welcome 13. All Together
4. That Was Helpful 14. You Did It!
5. I Wish You Well 15. Shubert Shuffle
6. My School Family 16. People to People
7. Caring Friends 17. I Wish You Well (Spanish)
8. Look at Me 18. All Together (Spanish)
9. Friendship Chant 19. People to People (Spanish)
10. Friendship Chant (Instrumental)