I've Got Music in Me CD

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Ages 2 to 10

I’ve Got Music In Me is a collection of Kindergarten songs that includes character educationbasic addition, left and right discrimination, creative movement, opposites, basic addition, alphabet acquisition, body parts, following directions, days of the week, months of the year, patriotism, counting, and phonemic awareness skills.

Be the Best You Can Be is a character education song that challenges children to do their personal best and gives examples as they act out different kinds of animals being motivated to “be the best they can be”.

Five Little Fish is a counting song and finger play. Children wiggle, splish and splash their fingers to add on a fish at a time until they reach five fish.  After counting to 5 fish all the fish swim quickly behind your back as they wave good-bye.

ABC Disco gives children a chance to sing the letters of the alphabet while practicing their disco moves. The letters are clearly separated to help with alphabet acquisition.

Seven Days of the Week is a days of the week song that names the seven days of the week and then leaves a blank for children to fill in the current day of the week. 

Hip Hop Hokey Pokey encourages children to move in creative ways as they discriminate their left and right side and identify body parts to move in, out and all about. This multi-musical arrangement incorporates Caribbean, rap, rock n’ roll, slow motion and country styles.

Ollie the Otter This brain break has children wiggling, diving, popping up and swimming to the bouncing beat as they act out the movements of Ollie the Otter.  Learning about sea life and the otter’s habitat is part of this fun sing-a-long.

Body Boogie can be used as a fun activity for learning the parts of the body as children dance and move to the boogie beat.

One Small Voice is a character education, empowerment and cooperation song that recognizes that one small voice can make a positive impact and that many voices working together are even stronger.

I’ve Got Music In Me demonstrates that we all have music inside us. Children use body parts to creatively express rhythms and beats while making music.

Learning Letter Sounds is a phonemic awareness song that incorporates lettersletter sounds and word associations for each letter of the alphabet. The chorus raises children’s awareness that learning letter sounds will help them learn to read and write.

Months of the Year Line Dance has children singing the months of the year as they move to this simple line dance.

Opposite Conga focuses on opposites as children move and act out the opposites in this conga style song.

Riding on the Bus is an upbeat adaptation of an old favorite. Children will act out the different characters’ positive interactions and movements on the bus. Characters include a cowboy, magician, divers, ballerinas, babies, fisherman and parents.

Watson is a song about a dog that loves to move and play.  Children follow Watson’s moves as this lovable pup nurtures the love and appreciation of pets.

Here It Is is a fun movement song that identifies body parts for oral language development and following direction skills.

Big Numbers has children counting by hundreds from 100 – 1000.

America to Me is a proud patriotic song that lists many privileges and experiences of living in America.

One Small Voice - Music Only is an instrumental version only that allows students to sing along.

1. Be the Best You Can Be
2. Five Little Fish
3. ABC Disco
4. Seven Days of the Week
5. Hip Hop Hokey Pokey
6. Ollie the Otter
7. Body Boogie
8. One Small Voice
9. I've Got Music In Me
10. Learning Letter Sounds
11. Months of the Year Line Dance
12. Opposite Conga
13. Riding on the Bus
14. Watson
15. Here It Is
16. Big Numbers
17. America to Me
18. One Small Voice - music only